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Residential and Day Support Services

for Adults

with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Why We're Here

Community Living Solutions Inc. supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout their adult lives.

The most important, influential person on our team is the person receiving our services – we are here to support and enhance their lives.

By focusing on individual attributes, rather than deficits, we bring out the best in everyone. Positive behavior is the result of this focus; a full and meaningful life is the goal.

We embrace multiple — even divergent perspectives in creating a customized, open, inclusive service plan. This philosophy means that those who may have been challenged in the past, often thrive at CLS.

Our staff understands the unique needs of the individuals served, and utilize the individual's circle of support, community connections and applied behavior analysis principles, as necessary, to create a stable and measurable foundation for growth and progress.

Our Va​lues


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What our customers are saying

You treat the people you work with like family.

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For information on Medicaid Funded Services

Please Contact the DBHDD Region 3 Field Office


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